Incorporated on 4/22/2022, AngularByDesign has been in the works for more than two years now!

Originally created on as a way to share my Miyuki Delica bead patterns, I had hoped to grow into one of the premiere Miyuki Delica 11/0 Seed Bead suppliers in the country. With more than 1000 colors currently online and lots more to go, I have been working hard to provide a one-stop-shop for all of your Miyuki Delica and 11/0 seed bead needs.

I’m the owner and developer of AngularByDesign LLC, and I’ve got a knack for designing bead patterns and I’m taking my art to the next level. Some of my medallions have sold for more than $500.00 for a single piece. If you would like to check out some of my pieces, they are displayed under the GALLERY button at the top of the page.

In the coming months I’ll be adding more of my artwork for all of our REGISTERED users to download and re-create absolutely free of charge. Please note that you DO NOT have to purchase anything to become a registered member. Simply click here to create your free account here on AngularByDesign. Pease make sure that you sign up for our monthly newsletter if you’re interested in receiving information regarding discounts, coupon codes, exclusive monthly deals and free beading patterns guaranteed to make you money.

Please note that, not only am I a seasoned bead artist, I’m also an accomplished Data Base and Web Developer who has single handedly taken it upon myself to create this website. I’m also a 9-year Veteran who has served his country in Iraq and South Korea in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, not only as an active member of the U.S. Army, SPEC 4, but also as a civil servant achieving the rank of GS13.

Originally a database programmer and bean counter for some of the most sensitive items in the military, I also spent many years as a general contractor and custom cabinet manufacturer in Minnesota. Unfortunately, after a debilitating auto accident in 2004, and 8 major surgeries over an 8-year period, I went on to create an online store selling new and used media on under the username OurSpecialGift which was named after my daughter Emily who has Cerebral Palsy.. Now nearly 18 years later, and with a profound love of bead art, I’ve moved on to a new adventure doing what I love to do best: web development, designing new beadwork patterns, meeting and sharing my talent with new artists, and being an entrepreneur so that I can support all of my Miyuki bead enthusiasts. On April 18th 2023, I had a stroke and despite the loss of coordination on my left side, I got up every morning and processed my orders here on my website and on It has been a long road to recovery, but I’ll never be where I was before the stroke. Since then, my sister Michelle has moved in with me to help take care of me so that I can focus on my energy on my website and my customers.

If you’re an amazing bead designer, or just starting out and you want to share or get your bead patterns for sale here on, please contact me and I would love to support your craft.

Shawn Raye Davis

Shawn D.
CEO / Founder

US Army 9 Year Veteran, Local Bead Artist, Designer & Web Developer.