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SoNo Nylon Beading Thread

Natural Color, 100 Meter Spool (328 Feet): Designed for bead working by master beader Sonoko Nozue, SoNo nylon beading thread is strong enough that doubling isn’t necessary and it’s difficult to pierce because it doesn’t shred. Tangling is also minimized because it’s non-clinging. It will fit on a #12 beading needle and works like a cross between Nymo and Silamide. This item is sold by the 100 meter spool.

Sono Nylon Beading Thread

    • Manufacturer: SoNo
    • Brand: The Beadsmith
    • Material: Nylon
    • Weight: 100 Meter Spool
    • Size: B 0.008″ 0.203mm
    • Color: Black/White

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