Miyuki Delica 11/0 Comprehensive Durability Chart Based on Manufacturing History (DB0001-DB0099).

MPNManufacturers Part Number
AColors which might change and / or fade due to the exposure to the sun or deterioration over time.
BColors prone to rubbing off due to friction or contact with your skin.
CColors which might change and / or fade due to the exposure to dry-cleaning.
DNickel is used in the production of these beads.
NMay Release Nickel from plating. Beware of using with Jewelry that comes in direct and prolonged contact with your skin.
0There are no known issues if used with normal use.
There may be durability issues over prolonged time.
XThere are known durability issues and you should protect the beads using a clear acrylic finish. The acrylic protects and seals the beads for prolonged use.
DB0001Opaque Gunmetal000
DB0002Opaque Metallic Dark Blue Iris000
DB0003Opaque Metallic Green Iris000
DB0004Opaque Metallic Purple Iris000
DB0005Opaque Metallic Black Iris000
DB0006Opaque Metallic Gunmetal Iris000
DB0007Opaque Metallic Brown Iris000
DB0010Opaque Black000
DB0011Opaque Metallic Olive00
DB0012Opaque Metallic Dark Raspberry00
DB0021Opaque Metallic Nickel Plated00N
DB0022Opaque Metallic Bronze00
DB0022LOpaque Metallic Light Bronze00
DB0023Opaque Metallic Gold Iris000
DB0024Opaque Metallic Olive Green Iris000
DB0025Opaque Metallic Blue Iris000
DB0026Opaque Metallic Steel Iris000
DB0027Opaque Metallic Dark Green Iris000
DB0029Opaque Metallic Nickel Plated Golden Olive Iris000N
DB0031Opaque Metallic 24Kt Gold Plated00N
DB0031LOpaque Metallic 24Kt Light Gold Plated00N
DB0032Discontinued (No Longer Available) Substitute Color Is DB003800N
DB0033Transparent 24Kt Gold Lined Crystall00
DB0034Opaque Metallic 24Kt Light Gold Plated00N
DB0035Transparent Galvanized Sterling Silver PlatedXX
DB0036Discontinued (No Longer Available)00N
DB0037Transparent Copper Lined CrystalX
DB0038Opaque Metallic Palladium Plated00N
DB0040Opaque Metallic Copper PlatedXX
DB0041Transparent Silver Lined Crystal
DB0042Transparent Silver Lined Goldd
DB0043Transparent Silver Lined Cranberry
DB0044Transparent Silver Lined Aqua
DB0045Transparent Silver Lined Orange
DB0046Transparent Silver Lined Green
DB0047Transparent Silver Lined Cobalt
DB0048Transparent Silver Lined Dark Silver
DB0050Transparent Crystal Luster000
DB0051Transparent Crystal AB000
DB0052Transparent Color Lined Pale Peach AB0X
DB0053Transparent Color Lined Pale Yellow AB00
DB0054Transparent Color Lined Dark Peach AB0X
DB0055Transparent Color Lined Medium Pink AB0X
DB0056Transparent Color Lined Raspberry AB0X
DB0057Transparent Color Lined Aqua AB0X
DB0058Transparent Color Lined Marine Blue AB0X
DB0059Transparent Color Lined Amethyst AB0X
DB0060Transparent Color Lined Lime AB00
DB0061Transparent Purple Color Lined Topaz AB0X
DB0062Transparent Color Lined Light Cranberry AB0X
DB0063Transparent Cobalt Color Lined Sapphire AB0X
DB0064Transparent Color Lined Taupe AB0X
DB0065Transparent Color Lined Topaz AB0X
DB0066Transparent Color Lined White AB00
DB0067Transparent Color Lined Light Peach ABd00
DB0068Transparent Color Lined Peach AB00
DB0069Transparent Color Lined Blush AB0X
DB0070Transparent Color Lined Rose Pink Luster0X
DB0071Transparent Color Lined Pink AB0X
DB0072Transparent Color Lined Light Lilac Luster0X
DB0073Transparent Color Lined Magenta AB0X
DB0074Transparent Color Lined Fuchsia AB0X
DB0075Transparent Color Lined Dark Coral AB00
DB0076Transparent Color Lined Light Blue AB00
DB0077Transparent Color Lined Blue AB00
DB0078Transparent Color Lined Light Aqua Luster0X
DB0079Transparent Color Lined Turquoise Green AB00
DB0080Transparent Color Lined Pale Violet AB0X
DB0081Transparent Color Lined Gray AB00
DB0082Transparent Color Lined Pale Pink AB0X
DB0083Transparent Color Lined Pale Aqua AB0X
DB0084Transparent Color Lined Seafoam AB0X
DB0085Transparent Blue Color Lined Aqua AB0X
DB0086Transparent Color Lined Noir AB0X
DB0087Transparent Root Beer Color Lined Topaz AB00
DB0088Transparent Berry Color Lined Light Topaz AB/td>

DB0089Transparent Blue Color Lined Topaz AB0X
DB0091Transparent Cranberry Color Lined Light Topaz AB00
DB0098Transparent Light Siam Luster000
DB0099Transparent Light Topaz Luster000