The Ultimate Guide to Miyuki Beading Thread

Unveiling the Magic of Miyuki Beading Thread Everything You Need to Know About Miyuki Nylon Beading Thread Bead weaving and jewelry-making enthusiasts, gather around! If you’re in the loop about beading, you’ve likely heard of Miyuki nylon beading thread. This thread is a favorite among crafters for its strength, flexibility, and variety of colors. Let’s […]

Exploring the World of Miyuki Delica’s

Exploring the World of Miyuki Delicas The intricate art of beadwork has been a part of human culture for centuries, transcending time and geography. At the heart of modern bead weaving is a small but significant player: the Miyuki Delica. These Japanese beads are renowned for their precision and uniformity, making them a favorite among […]

Detailed Nymo Thread Review

A Detailed Nymo Thread Review. Manufactured by COATS, Nymo thread has been a staple for beaders and craft enthusiasts for decades, known for its durability and the vibrant range of colors it offers. Whether you’re a seasoned jewelry maker or just starting out, understanding the nuances of this thread can make a significant difference in […]

Beading Thread / Beading Needle Chart

NYMO Size B & D: is a top-quality synthetic nylon beading thread that is ideal for use with size 11/0 beads, Delicas or for bead weaving and is lightly waxed. NYMO is a flat and rectangular in shape beading thread that will easily pass through the rectangle shaped eye of beading and sharps needles Size […]

Miyuki Delica 11/0 to Miyuki 11/0 Round Rocaille Conversion Chart

Below you will find the conversion chart for Miyuki Delica 11/0 to Miyuki 11/0 Round Rocaille seed beads. Miyuki Delica/Miyuki Seed Beads 11/0 Delica No. 11/0 RR DB1 #451 DB2 #452 DB3 #453 DB4 #454 DB5 #455 DB6 #456 DB7 #458 DB10 #401 DB11 #459 DB12 #460 DB21 #190 DB22 #457 DB22L #457L DB23 #462 […]

All About NYMO Thread

NYMO Thread, Manufactured by COATS, is the most popular beading threads for seed beads. It’s used for loom weaving (Not Recommended To Use Thread Smalled Than Size D), off-loom stitching, and bead embroidery, and the best thing about NYMO is that it’s available in and wide variety of colors and sizes. Nymo thread is strong, […]

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