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Miyuki 6mm (.25″) Cylinder/Bugle Beads (Shipped in a 5″ Bead Tube).

New colors coming soon! For easy navigation, I have added every possible combination of the catalog number to each item description. For quick access to your favorite bead color, simply type in “BGL2-” + the (3-6 Digit Color Number) in the search box above, i.e., (BGL2-401 or BGL2-401F). Please note that I have not broken up the online catalog into individual categories like I have done for the Miyuki Seed Beads and Delica’s due to the limited number of colors currently available to me. Please take the time to go through the list to familiarize yourself with the catalog.

This page was last modified on 9/4/2023

Original price was: $3.25.Current price is: $3.09.
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